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Thanks to a teen phenomenon called Twilight, Robert Pattinson has gone from being a little-known Brit actor (best known as the handsome, ill-fated Cedric Diggory in two Harry Potter films) to having his face plastered across every major magazine, television show, and website known to man. Or at least, every one of them known to teenage girls. This Friday, thousands of Pattinsons admiring fans will have the pleasure of finally watching the teen vampire romance that has launched their favorite new teen idol into the stratosphere, as he stars opposite Kristen Stewart as Edward Cullen, the dreamiest undead boyfriend of the year in Catherine Hardwickes (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown) adaptation of Stephenie Meyers best-selling novel.

But theres more than Tiger Beat fodder to the 22-year-old actor; after the Twilight frenzy peaks this week (with fans and Summit Entertainment suits crossing their fingers for a breakout box office to justify a multi-sequel franchise) Pattinson will appear next March as a young Salvador Dali in Little Ashes (click for images) a period piece that might test the ardor of Pattinsons Twilight fan base and the indie outsider pic How to Be, which will likely pick up distribution in the wake of Twilight. Pattinsons artful leanings came out in a conversation with Rotten Tomatoes about his favorite films of all time, which span such cinematic luminaries as Jack Nicholson, Jean-Luc Godard, andChris Kattan?

Read on for Five Favorite Films with Twilights Robert Pattinson.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
The films that I like arent necessarily because theyre good films in themselves One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest is a good film but that one specifically meant a lot to me. Not because I was in a mental home or anything, but that character influenced me so much when I was 15 or 16, and bits of it stuck with me. A lot of that kind of putting your middle finger up to the world attitude not that I really have that, butI used to be so timid, and that was one of those films that [helped me break out], by pretending to be [Jack Nicholson's character] Randle.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist, because I love Linda Blair. [Laughs] Shes my ideal woman.

Prenom Carmen (First Name: Carmen)

What else do I like? A Godard film called Prenom Carmen, which sounds like Im just saying that to be cool, but its actually one of my favorite films. I think its the best Godard film. Its like his version of Carmen the opera, one of his films from the eighties. In terms of just pure filmmaking and manipulating an audience, it kind of starts out as a farce, as a complete, stupid farce, with this bank robbery; but its really, reallyGodardian, with kind of a stupid humor thats so random. Only he could make it, mixed up with these kinds of philosophical elements.

It starts out with one of these bank robbers, these students, and she starts to sleep with one of the guards; shes having sex with him in the bank, and he pretends to arrest her and they run away together. And he wants to be part of her gang. Its all so completely ridiculous. And then suddenly, halfway through, it turns into the most heartbreaking, serious thing that youve ever seen out of nowhere! and youre suddenly so attached to these characters, which you werent before, because it seemed like a stupid student film. They have this secondary story where they have a string quartet playing the soundtrack which runs in the other story, but they film them during rehearsal, just doing really close up things with them playing cello and stuff, and its about the relationship with the conductor and this girl, the cellist and its completely random to the film, but its incredible.

Continuing on the subject of Godard

I love the last line of Breathless its literally one of the best [representations] of the relationship between women and men. He was also very aware of how people viewed his films, and that film in particular. Everyone was thinking, oh, Im cool, because I like this, and its like, What does bitch mean? [Laughs] Thats kind of the conflict. I love that.

Breathless is definitely what got me into Godard. You cant really be influenced by Jean-Paul Belmondo though, because hes too cool so theres no point in me trying to be like him! Randle McMurphy, you can kind of wear his clothes. [Laughs] Its quite easy to find them. But if you wore Belmondos clothes, youd look like an idiot.

But even hes trying to be someone else hes trying to be Bogart.

Hes not really hes cooler than Bogart! [Pattinson imitates Belmondo's signature move, brushing his thumb over his lips.] Thats like the coolest thing! Another film, Pierrot le Fou I did everything from those movies. These stupid, random things, like when he says, Can I get two beers? And shes like, Why? I want to have one when I finish the other one. I was like, thats so cool! I have to do that all the time! Theres this stupid thing from Arizona Dream, with Vincent Gallo and Johnny Depp, where Vincent Gallo does this thing, [in Gallo's American accent] Two shots, two beers. So every time I buy drinks, I go Two shots, two beers! I love that film so much.

Corky Romano
Corky Romano. I love that film. Literally, thats one of the only films Ive pissed my pants at. Like, I actually pissed my pants. The first time I was in L.A. I was watching it on TV. The scene where hes on cokewas literally the only thing that they advertised, it was like the only point of the whole movie! I love that character. I love how Chris Kattan just stripped his whole career in one movie. The only guy off Saturday Night Live who just messed it up! Its like, what happened? The only guy. Thats why I think its so great.

I also love the behind-the-scenes stuff on the DVD where none of the crew are laughing; the directors [hiding] and hes telling Chris Kattan, Just do something funny, just make Chris Penn laugh, and none of the crew think its funny at all. And you can tell Chris Kattan is just freaking out. Also, he had that vein, which I have [Pattinson points to his forehead] which pops out of his head. I can really relate to him.

ivans xtc.
A film called ivans xtc. Its a Danny Huston film. Thats what Ive been watching obsessively recently. Its amazing; Danny Huston should have gotten nominated for an Oscar for it. Its about an agent in Hollywood, and its kind of a dumb movie before Huston comes in, and then literally is the best example of one performance elevating a movie. It was shot on digital video; its all improvised. Just having him there, hes literally this I dont know, I cant even describe it. Ive never seen a performance like it. Hes flawless. And if youve ever met an agent, ever